Creating a Blog Post

Paige Porio | March 1, 2017

A Guide to Creating a Blog Post

Content marketing would be incomplete without blogging. Blogging allows businesses to not only educate their customers and prospects on important industry issues, products, and services, but delivers a personalized voice based on the style and attitu...

New Walking and Working Surfaces Rule

Paige Porio |

New Walking  and Working Surfaces Rule

With OSHA’s new Walking and Working Surfaces Rule taking effect on January 17, 2017, many employers are concerned with how the new rules might affect them. Most of this rule focuses on ladder safety, fall protection, rolling stock, body belts, etc....

Paige Porio |

Regent Apparel

Regent Apparel has been a trusted name in uniform apparel for over ninety-five years and we are excited to offer our high quality garment and napery products to Universal Unilink members at a terrific value. Our extensive line of industrial uniforms,...

the competitive rental landscape

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The Competitive Rental Landscape

Members recently submitted information on competitors’ pricing and billing practices in their market. The contracts and invoices submitted revealed that our competitors are skilled at meeting customers’ demands for low unit pricing . . . and equa...

Steve Waletzko and Dan Tompkins accept the 2017 PPAI Pyramid Award on behalf of E Group, Inc.

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Member Company Wins Pyramid Award

Member company E Group, Inc. was awarded a Silver Award in the 2017 Pyramid Award Competition sponsored by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). E Group was presented a 2017 PPAI Pyramid Award in the category of Tradeshow/Exhibit Tra...

virtual reality trends

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Virtual Reality is Trending

Imagine walking on the moon with Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11, or being on stage at a Paul McCartney concert, or running with the bulls in Spain. It’s all possible now thanks to a revolutionary technology called virtual reality. VR repl...

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Got Spring Fever?

Spring means warmer days and more outdoor activities. Festivals start popping up around the country and people are looking for any excuse to get outside. Dog parents are hitting the parks, runners get off the treadmill and onto the road, car windows ...

market differentiation

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Avoiding the ‘You Guys are All the Same’ Trap

Through the years, industry sales teams have all heard the difficult words that appear above. For the most part, our fine troops shake their heads, pull up a thin smile, and dance around the objection their prospect has placed before them. Other than...

vendor or partner

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Vendor or Partner

When your customers think about your textile rental service company, do they see you as just another vendor rather than as a valued partner who brings solutions to their challenges? Do they see your route service reps as delivery boys or true service...