corporate gift trends

Universal Unilink | December 1, 2017

Corporate Gift Giving Trends

As the economy continues to improve, businesses are spending more on corporate gifts and giving them on more occasions. To help take the guess-work out of the gift giving season, we have identified five key trends for 2017: Barware – Deep etching o...

effective websites

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Effective Websites

In a business climate so focused on social media, many business owners forget that their website is also part of their social media strategy – in fact, it’s the focal point. Everything you do on social media should bring visitors back to your web...

Planning a Successful Route Sales Promotion: Game Day

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Running a Successful Route Sales Promotion

In the previous article, we reviewed the importance of planning to succeed during your promotions. We covered goal setting, homework (creating a target list) and the “Line-up Exchange” (route person and supervisor reviewing the target list to ass...

Get found by prospects at the moment theey ant to buy

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Connect with Prospects the Moment They Want to Buy

The linen and uniform industry isn’t the most fluid of business arenas. A standard business agreement lasts about five years, so it’s rare that anyone is searching for a new service. Prospects can be few and far between. And worse? The window of ...

Dockyard Apparel

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Dockyard Apparel

Work hard, dream big—at Dockyard Apparel this is our motto because it defines our core values as a company. We work hard every day to ensure that we deliver the best and we dream big for our future. We stop at nothing to create products that resona...

Karl Fowler Scholarship

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The Karl Fowler Scholarship Recipients

The Karl Fowler Scholarship Fund was named for Gayle and Allan Fowler’s son, Karl. Karl’s thirst for knowledge and delight in learning are an inspiration to all of us at Universal Unilink and our visitors. He never forgets a name and is a walking...

In the News

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In The News, Winter 2017

WELCOME  NEW MEMBERS Michael’s Uniform Co., Inc. Elmwood Park, IL 60635 Nettoyeur de L’est Montreal Est, QC Canada Nettoyeur Unique Maniwaki, QC Canada Target One Marketing Group Powell, TN Uniforms Today, LLC Long Island City, NY WELCO...