Cliff Quicksell Webinar Series

The Summer webinar series with Cliff Quicksell has drawn to a close. If you missed out you can still take advantage of the wisdom that Cliff shared, gathered in his long career as a marketing professional and trainer. Just email with a replay request and links will be sent to you. Below are descriptions of the sessions:

Differentiate or Go Home…Setting Yourself Apart in a Competitive Marketplace.

We are in a very highly competitive marketplace. Every day you turn around, more and more people are selling the exact same products. What makes you different? What makes you special? Why would a customer write you a check? This workshop will help you uncover methods to differentiate yourself in your market. It also gives you the opportunity to look within to identify those unique aspects of who you are that can be parlayed into differentiators when working with your customers and prospects.

10 Secrets to Small Business Success and Profitability©

Most businesses start without a plan letting their entrepreneurial spirit to drive their success. There does come a time where the business begins to take over and seemingly gets away from the owner. Frustration, angst and confusion creeps in and the business is now driving the owner. This seminar will bring to light some points that when honed can get your business back on the right track, putting you in complete control once again, where you now run the business.

Marketing on a Shoestring©

Today, some folks don’t have large marketing budgets. But that doesn’t matter because promotional marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be huge numbers in order to be effective. This seminar, while basic, will show some very inexpensive ways to market very effectively on a small budget. Additionally, we will talk about how to use closeout merchandise and creative packaging at low minimums to create meaningful engagement marketing that will undoubtedly leave a mark with your clients and prospects.

About Cliff Quicksell

Cliff is on a mission to squash the mediocrity and fear that runs rampant in small businesses. A writer, consultant, and speaker, he brings real-life lessons to leaders and sales teams who are tired of hearing “can’t” and are ready to stop letting others dictate the boundaries of their success.

When Cliff sits down with a business owner or delivers marketing and leadership seminars and keynotes, he won’t be talking theory. Cliff has lived the peril of a small business – nearly going bankrupt 5 times, building multimillion-dollar equity positions, and winning 25+ awards for creative marketing campaigns.