Alex Smith, Dickies, Addresses conference audience

Universal Unilink | November 1, 2015

Conference 2015

“Everyone a the conference not only had a great time, they received some very serious takeaways. The guest speakers were phenomenal. It was a time well spent!” Harvey Klein, Red the Uniform Tailor “…it’s the Members you ...

complaining employees

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Negative Employees at Work?

Tired of the whiners, complainers, gripers, and groaners in your workplace? Negative employees are an all-too-common anchor around the neck of too many work teams. Some studies suggest that about 70% of all conflicts in the workplace are based not on...

proposed regulations lead to liabilities

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New/Proposed Regulations = Potential Liabilities

Updates on regulations from the National Labor Relations Board, OSHA, EPA, etc. were an important part of the recent Conference. Among especially troubling Joint Employment: Launched in April 2013 as a result of an increase in the use of temporary wo...

Anum Hussain, Crafting the perfect social media post

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Crafting the Perfect Social Media Posts

Missed the ‘Crafting the Perfect Social Media Post’ presentation at Universal’s 2015 Business Development Conference? Don’t worry – I was there furiously taking notes! Growth marketer, author, and social media innovator Anum Hussain present...

Allan and Gayle Fowler at the 2014 Conference

Universal Unilink | September 1, 2015

See you at the conference!

When you receive this edition of The Advantage, the 2015 Business Development Conference will be less than 10 days away. Not registered? Call (888) 830-7872 and join us as we brainstorm important issues impacting the Independent. You will find busine...

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