One Account with many customers

Universal Unilink | September 1, 2018

One Account, Many Customers

In a business-to-business industry such as linen, uniform and facility services, the meaning of “your customer” can be defined simply as the individual who owns or works for an account who ultimately approves contracting with you and pays you for...

Universal Unilink | September 11, 2016

When the Election Comes to Your Office

Election season is in full swing. It is difficult to turn on the television or log onto social media without hearing about Campaign 2016. Politics will be a hot topic in the media and at work through the presidential election. During this time, nothi...

Universal Unilink | May 1, 2016

Technology Woven Into Every Inch

THIS past Easter weekend, believe it or not, we had some snow up in our area as once again good old Mother Nature decided she was not through with us just yet. As I was going out to run some errands, I grabbed a coat to keep me warm. My choice was n...

Universal Unilink | March 1, 2016

Patient Satisfaction Climbing

  WHEN it comes to healthcare today, safety is on everyone’s mind more than ever. This issue is front and center stage in the minds of employees and also their customers, the patient. When designing and developing uniform programs for healthca...

laundering scrubs in the home

Universal Unilink | November 1, 2015

Is Home Laundering Of Scrub Attire Safe And Effective?

There are many reasons hospital staff are choosing to wash their uniforms at home. It’s more convenient than changing at the hospital They prefer their own detergent and fabric softener They don’t feel like they are wearing someone else’s cloth...

HLAC Certification

Universal Unilink | July 1, 2015

HLAC Certification

Medi-Clean Healthcare Laundry Services and International Laundry Services (ILS) recently received HLAC accreditation and shared their experiences. Joe Mastin, Medi-Clean’s Vice President, and Martha Holguin, General Manager of ILS, approached the p...

healthcare uniform decoration

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Identification and Decoration

Selecting uniforms for a medical environment is matched only by the importance of the garments’ decoration, whether for identification or brand awareness. “Although there are various industry standard placements for this market, on lab coats in p...

washing uniforms at home could cost employers

Universal Unilink | March 1, 2015

Clean-Uniform Policy May Lead to Additional Pay

Do any prospects in your market require that employees launder their own uniforms? That policy may eventually hit their wallets if a current case is decided in favor of the employee. This article from Fisher & Phillips attorney, Ted Boehm, highli...

Scott Delin shares tips on winning the competition fight against larger companies

Universal Unilink | November 10, 2014

Competing with the BIG GUYS and Winning!

Today, as the smaller laundries and dealers approach renting and/or selling to healthcare facilities and health systems, it may seem like they’re at a disadvantage as the odds favor the larger companies or the “BIG GUYS” to win the business. As...

Mark Sussman and Joe Mastin of Medi-Clean Healthcare laundry share the story of their unusual partnership

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Unusual Partnership Leads to Outstanding Growth

Two heads are better than one. We’ve all heard that saying and in the case of Medi-Clean Healthcare Laundry, the partnership of Mark Sussman and Joe Mastin has proved the old adage to be true. But can two companies be better than one? Continue read...