bhacker | August 15, 2019

And the Most Memorable Product Mascot Is….?

Crestline Custom Promotional Products conducted a study to determine the product/brand mascot consumers recognize most. From ASI’s Christopher Ruvo KFC’s Colonel Sanders. McDonald’s Ronald McDonald. The Geico Gecko. What do these popular br...

velocity of cash

Universal Unilink | June 1, 2019

The Velocity of Cash

It has often been said cash flow is the lifeline of any business and for a good reason. Having positive cash flow(immediate access to cash)allows businesses to maximize the opportunities at its disposal. These opportunities include paying bills, hiri...


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Increase Employee Productivity with Anti-Fatigue Matting

The Problem An uncomfortable work environment can negatively affect productivity and increase the likelihood of muscle strains and joint pain. Standing for long periods can cause Cumulative Standing Trauma (CST) which is linked to the loss of billion...

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Data Integration

Three Back-Office Functions That Should Be Linked to Your E-Commerce Platform As B2B e-commerce sites become more prevalent and online ordering becomes the norm, integration with back-office systems is the next big step in the e-commerce evolution fo...

drinkware 101

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Drinkware Insulation 101

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite tumblers and can coolers keep your beverages at just the right temperature, you’ve come to the right place. This guide can help you become an insulation expert so you can help your clients pick the perfec...

In the News

Universal Unilink | March 1, 2019

In the News, Spring 2019

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS DesignWear, Inc., Lncoln, NE Martinizing Cleaners, Waukesha, WI Perjac Inc., West Palm Beach, FL Pioneer Promo, Fargo, ND Potomac Printing Solutions, Lansdowne, VA Promotions Unlimited, Inc., Louisville, KY PureStar Linen Group, N...

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Universal Unilink | December 1, 2018

In the News

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Brand Buzz Promo & Apparel Lexington, SC Deluxe Dry Cleaners, Ltd St Johns, NL Canada JEL Marketing Solutions, LLC. Birmingham, AL 35208-1402 Marketing Communications, Inc. Boston, GA MH Specialties Bonita Springs, FL Miles Ho...

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Universal Unilink | September 1, 2018

In the News Fall 2018

Welcome New Member American Systems of the Southeast W. Columbia, SC The Hamilton Group Washington, DC Market USA Greensboro, NC Rocket Promotional Products Oklahoma City, OK Welcome Returning Member Brown & Bigelow, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, FL Stamf...