bhacker | August 15, 2019

And the Most Memorable Product Mascot Is….?

Crestline Custom Promotional Products conducted a study to determine the product/brand mascot consumers recognize most. From ASI’s Christopher Ruvo KFC’s Colonel Sanders. McDonald’s Ronald McDonald. The Geico Gecko. What do these popular br...

power-of-personal connections

Universal Unilink | June 1, 2019

The Power of Personal Connections

This weekend I was reading an article about a partnership between Apple and Amazon for iCloud storage. The contents of the article are probably not interesting to most Universal Unilink members nor its suppliers like KEY, but the cover image of the a...

Speartek B2B and B2C ecommerce sollutions

Universal Unilink | March 1, 2019


Speartek specializes in ecommerce solutions that meet the unique needs of companies selling in a business to business world. We work with suppliers and distributors of uniforms and corporate apparel to build business functionality that improves the e...

Starting with social ads

Universal Unilink |

How to get Started with Social Media Ads

Over the past few years, social media platforms have risen to become some of the most effective tools for online marketing. Millions of people log into platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram every day, so any content published there can reac...

uniform outlook for 2019

Universal Unilink | December 1, 2018

How You Will Market in 2019

A business-to-business (B2B) endeavor that serves different industries usually benefits from a market segmentation strategy that classifies the types of businesses it supplies. Even if all targets are from one industry, each customer’s needs are ex...

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Search Marketing 101

  The Basics of Search Marketing For businesses with a large online focus, the key to success is making sure websites rank well on popular search engines. When consumers search for content online, they are drawn to the sites that appear on the f...

builing an email list

Universal Unilink | September 1, 2018

Email Marketing

One of the most important aspects of any business is a strong and healthy email list. The ability to send content to a wide range of people is extremely beneficial to any organization. You can send offers to people who are hesitant to buy your wares,...

marketing missteps

Universal Unilink | June 1, 2018

5 Marketing Missteps

Despite the long hours, money and effort spent on developing a marketing plan, it is shocking to see how many companies’ attempts go down the drain. Whether you’re one of those companies or are interested in investing in a marketing plan but fear...

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What is Content Marketing?

Even if you may not realize it, many of us are absorbing some form of content marketing on a day to day basis. Whether you’re reading a blog post from your favorite website or watching a video on a product you’re considering purchasing, content m...