power-of-personal connections

Universal Unilink | June 1, 2019

The Power of Personal Connections

This weekend I was reading an article about a partnership between Apple and Amazon for iCloud storage. The contents of the article are probably not interesting to most Universal Unilink members nor its suppliers like KEY, but the cover image of the a...

High Performing Sales Culture

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Create a High-Performance Sales Culture Starting Today

In sales, culture is everything—and right now, it’s everywhere too. Sales culture has become one of the buzziest buzzwords out there, with think pieces popping up left and right about why culture matters. Don’t get us wrong: it does matter....

Retaining Route Service Representatives

Universal Unilink | December 1, 2018

Retaining Route Service Representatives

With today’s every tightening job market, it becomes critical to assure stabilization of our exceptional customer ambassadors. The route service representative (RSR) makes or breaks our business. We know the great RSRs because they tend to be the o...

One Account with many customers

Universal Unilink | September 1, 2018

One Account, Many Customers

In a business-to-business industry such as linen, uniform and facility services, the meaning of “your customer” can be defined simply as the individual who owns or works for an account who ultimately approves contracting with you and pays you for...

CAP-values of great salespeople

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Three Values Of Great Salespeople

When asked what makes a great salesperson, people will often cite characteristics such as listening, asking good questions and building rapport. All of these qualities can be found in the three values every great salesperson must possess—known as C...

how well do you know your clients?

Universal Unilink | June 1, 2018

How Well Do You Know Your Clients?

I find it quite amazing how few of the people I work with and interview truly know their clients. Both client and market intelligence are critical in having a successful business and moving the needle forward. Some of you may have had clients that ha...

getting the turnover out of sales

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Getting the Turnover Out Of Sales

It’s a familiar story, especially during challenging economic times. Turnover Often, it starts like this. After a few quarterly disappointments or failed renewals, someone in the organization turns to the sales department and starts looking for the...

Planning a Successful Route Sales Promotion: Game Day

Universal Unilink | December 1, 2017

Running a Successful Route Sales Promotion

In the previous article, we reviewed the importance of planning to succeed during your promotions. We covered goal setting, homework (creating a target list) and the “Line-up Exchange” (route person and supervisor reviewing the target list to ass...

losing customers

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Five Reasons You’re Losing Customers

You know the old adage, “You win some. You lose some.” In sales, when you lose some, what do you do about it? In most cases, many of us simply move on to the next prospect rather than figuring out why we lose some of our sales. What if you took t...

proven formula for sales success

Universal Unilink | August 1, 2017

A Proven Formula For Sales Success

In today’s shareholder-driven corporate environment, it seems business success is driven quarter to quarter, rather than year to year. Rarely, is a company satisfied with the sales reported—there’s always a need for more sales. It’s a perpetu...