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Michael’s Uniform Co., Inc.
Elmwood Park, IL 60635

Nettoyeur de L’est
Montreal Est, QC Canada

Nettoyeur Unique
Maniwaki, QC Canada

Target One Marketing Group
Powell, TN

Uniforms Today, LLC
Long Island City, NY


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2017 INNOVATION Awards

Abform, Elizabeth Abdalla

Abform Workwear, Elizabeth Abdalla

Abform Workwear of Lafayette, LA , Member since 1997, offers career and workwear. They’ve long provided footwear, promotional products and waterproof/FR bags for off shore workers.

Approximately a year ago, Elizabeth jumped at the opportunity to purchase the assets of a small failed bag maker. She previously purchased bags from 2 different vendors. By bringing bag manufacturing in-house, Abform bag sales increased by more than 100% in less than a year and margins also increased. She’s added new products and launched a wholesale division. Having the manufacturing in house has been an asset as customers see the attention to detail and strength built in as the bag is manufactured. Congratulations, Elizabeth, for recognizing and seizing this opportunity.


New Service Concepts, Bob Carpenter & Tim Andrews

While many laundries want to focus only on rental, Tim and Bob opened in 2001, with the goal of providing more than the typical linen operator. Their website and sales team offered to sell anything the company had available for rental.

An early major linen rental account needed pillows, blankets and promotional products so the opportunity in direct sale of many other categories became apparent.
They later added 1st aid and safety and opportunities continue to pop up. Recently, Bob decided to leave a Logistic catalogs with two customers. Before he returned to the office he had a long list of items to price. Direct sales represent about 10% of total sales. While they don’t see direct sales becoming a huge part of their business, they feel it’s important to retention and margins are good! Congratulations, Bob and Tim, for being trend setters.

Apparel Expressions

Apparel Expressions, Bret & Jill Berglund

Apparel Expressions of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Member since 2005, has long taken innovative approaches to marketing by targeting niche markets.
Their latest effort,, targets the micro brewery niche. They’ve made launching a new business or growing brand recognization easy for target prospects! A new brew pub can find everything from glassware to market umbrellas to promotional products. The site is still under construction; apparel will soon be added. Even though it’s a brand new business, they’ve already added six customers and inquiries are coming in. Bret came up with the idea and Team member Caleb Smith, the Berglund’s son-in-law, developed the concept and is using social media to support build the brand. We predict the early success of BrewPubBranding will continue. Congratulation to Bret and the team at Apparel Expressions.

Member Pacesetter Award

Randy McKernan

Randy McKernan of Image Connection, Member since 2000, has long recognized that using Preferred Suppliers builds business and margins and that Group support of Preferred Suppliers also results in better pricing and terms. For the second time, Randy was recognized for supporting more Preferred Suppliers than any other member company. Additionally, he is an active member of the Apparel Advisory Counsel and is always available to assist other Members with questions and challenges. Thank you Randy for your support of our Preferred Suppliers and Members.

Special Recognition

Harvey Klein, Red The Uniform Tailor

Harvey Klein of Red the Uniform Tailor, Member since 1997, is an outstanding Member who not only assists and provides suggestions for the Universal Unilink staff; he also helps Members. He has stepped up to the plate to produce custom orders when major suppliers could not met the deadline. For example, recently a Member needed 1500 custom aprons, but several suppliers could not get the fabric. He not only got the fabric, his team produced the custom aprons meeting the Member’s customer need in a timely manner.

In a presentation at the Breakaway Conference, he freely shared best practices that have produced amazing growth in uniforms, image wear and promotional products. While he services many business segments, he has become the 2nd largest distributor of public safety uniforms in the US.

Thak you, Harvey, for all you do to support Universal Unilink and our Members.

Supplier Pacesetter Awards

Mountvillee Mills, Supplier Pacesetter

Mountville Mills

Mountville continues to provide exceptional service as well as sales and marketing tools to our Members. Known for advanced technology and introducing new products, they bring new opportunities to our Members. Additionally, they recommend Universal Unilink, providing more leads on an annual basis than any other supplier. Congratulations to Joe Rubbelke, Chuck Vinoverski and the Mountville Team.

Bic Graphic Supplier Pacesetter

BIC Graphic

BIC Graphic’s broad array of products provides the savings of “single source” for many Members. Their Sales Team works hard to provide the service Members need even when it means advocating for internal process changes. They support ed the annual conference with sponsorship and by filling conference bags with samples. Congratulations to Eileen Lynch, Matt Kozar and the BIC Graphic team.

2017 Supplier of the Year

Gurtler-Supplier of the Year

Gurtler Industries

Gurtler Industries’ commitment to technology and training enables our Members to provide clean, safe products to their customers while protecting their employees and the environment. Congratulations to Jake Gurtler and his team.
In the News

Closeouts, Specials, News

With a goal of saving you time, Universal Unilink’s eUpdate is a summary of closeouts, specials, price changes, new suppliers, etc.
For example, the latest issue listed a $16 million at cost closeout of top brands in workwear, imagewear, outerwear, etc. Pallets of garments are reportedly going at 20 to 24% of lowest cost.

Recent eUpdates featured price decreases and new products from Calderon Textiles. Their new “Grab-A-Rag microfiber created a stir with distributors as well as laundries at the recent conference.

You’ll also see info from Members . . . Ted Wright of Nebraska Textile is looking for box trucks; Fred Daitch, International Uniforms, assisted storm victims in Texas with a donation of 700 boxes of scrubs and shirts and more!

Check out the eUpdate and send your idea to make it more valuable.

New Calderon VP

Calderon Textiles announced the promotion of Ammar Khan to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Khan has been with Calderon since 2012 and previously served as the Director of Business Development with a focus on growth within the hospitality and cruise line markets. In his new role, Khan will support Textile Rental sales and be responsible for the marketing of all institutional business units. Khan brings extensive experience in sales process development and management, product development, and customer relationship management, and looks forward to building strong partnerships with Calderon’s Textile Rental customers alongside President and Founder, Azher Khan.