Prime Medical

Enhance your cubicle curtain rental and laundry program with Clorox Healthcare™ Privacy Curtains by Prime Medical.

Launched in December 2018, Prime Medical’s NEW Clorox Healthcare Privacy Curtains offer a powerful brand advantage and are designed to meet the industrial laundry service model to help you drive revenue and deliver more value to your healthcare clients.

The Privacy Curtains feature a 2-part system as a standard 72” x 64” privacy panel that snaps on to a mesh top. The 2-part segments can be overlapped to fit any room size needs and the mesh is available in three lengths to accommodate 8’, 9’ and 10’ ceilings. The design reduces inventory needs and drives more frequent wash cycles because the panels are easily removed/replaced without a ladder.

In addition to the smart design, the privacy panels are made with BioSmart®, a patented antimicrobial fabric technology that is continuously reactivated by laundering with EPA-registered bleach. Made by Milliken & Co., the technology is durable through a minimum of 75 industrial wash cycles. Watch for other Prime Medical antimicrobial product coming soon.

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