What's your outlook for 2018?

We asked members of the Edge Group how they felt about 2018 so far and their thoughts for the rest of the year.

It’s an interesting question . I forecast a modest 5% growth, though some of my current customers are upgrading their services and my internal sales are growing with my current customer base .
David Hackbart, Promat Service Ltd

The outlook for 2018 is very strong, plus 25% growth in rental and more in direct sale.
Bill Muske, Mid City Services,

7% growth in a bad local economy.
Bill Hekeler, Magnakleen Services

We find FY 2018 starting off very strong for us. Sales are good (and remain promising). Pricing seems to be strong. We have a good sales mix of new (non users) and competitor (dissatisfied with current service). The Atlanta marketplace is booming!
Fred Anderson, Pilgrim Mats

We are gaining new customers every day in rental and direct sales. Some of those are unhappy customers from the large competitors. We are winning “bids” where we know we are not the low-cost provider. Customers are seemingly less price concerned if they know they will get superior quality. However, the cost of doing business is increasing faster than our rates, and that is a challenge.
Becky Hughes, Hughes Customat Inc.

The Edge Group is comprised of dust control rental laundries and meets quarterly to share information from operations to marketing.
For more information about the group, contact Bob Grose at bobgrose@outlook.com.